Shaken Up!

Nov 01

So how’s it going? I said last month we wouldn’t be having an inside pet.  Charlie, our temporary, 19-pound Persian has come to visit.  He belongs to our pastor, Aaron Bouchard and his family.  They are staying with Sara’s parents in Brampton until they can find another rental property in Milton (a matter of prayer!). As soon as Charlie bounced out of his cage the...

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Travelling Along Way

Jul 31

Greetings! I can’t believe what has been happening with my English Ivy. I planted it about ten years ago at the back corner of our Churchville home. It has travelled along the back wall of the house as well as along the driveway side and is almost turning the corner at the front of the house. One plant! It must love our soil. That may be one way to forgo exterior...

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Do You Really Know What You Are Saying?

Jun 30

Happy Canada Weekend Everyone! “He stayed around until the last dog was hung!” I commented to our daughter Sara about a recent newcomer to our Milton church. Sara, laughingly exclaimed, “What are you saying?” She had never heard about dogs being hung. I will let you “Google” that idiom since I am writing this blog in our car. I’ve found the older we get the more...

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Do You Really Know Who You Are?

May 31

Hello! Apparently a current trend is to look up one’s ancestral roots.  We gave into the advertising and so for a combo Valentine’s/birthday gift Gary purchased a DNA kit for me.  After a couple of months when a small but significant amount of my spit had travelled to Ireland where it was analyzed the results came back.  Gary retorted, “I told you you...

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Standing Out

Apr 30

Hi Y’All! Do you know much about heather? I don’t mean the female name but the low-lying shrub that is iconic to Scotland. I didn’t either until I bought 3 plants a couple of years ago. During the past two months they have been blooming wonderfully with a lovely, petite, pink flower in our front garden. What a stand out in an otherwise brown, icy/snowy background. I...

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He Careth for You!

Mar 31

Spring Greetings from Churchville! A few days before spring arrived in March we were hit with one last wintry blast. The ground was thickly covered in powdery whiteness. I happened to look out our bedroom window and spotted my first robin of the season pecking away at the berries on the sumac trees along our driveway. I was grateful he had something to eat for there...

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