Surprised by the Hidden

Dec 04

Merry Christmas Everyone! Have you ever suffered from food poisoning? What a nasty business, right! The Fellowship Baptists held their annual Convention in mid-November. A few of our pastor friends and their wives dined out one evening together. Sadly, the next day many of us found out that there must have been bad bacteria hidden in our meals for we were all very...

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Unexpected Rainbows & Skunks

Oct 30

Hi there! Nothing captures our attention more than a beautiful rainbow that unexpectedly crosses our path. In our travels this fall we have seen three plus one from our kitchen window. What a great reminder of God’s promise to Noah and his sons found in Genesis 9:16,”Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting...

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Are You Living in Harmony with One Another?

Sep 29

Welcome to fall y’all! I have been tricking Gary all summer. We have a small two-storey barn in our backyard – downstairs is his workshop and upstairs his office. I have been decluttering the mess in both places that has accumulated far too long. This building has been a great space to stash renovation materials from ongoing projects in our main house along...

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Well, Well, Well!

Aug 30

Hi from Churchville again! “I got it!” exclaimed our nine year old, adventuresome granddaughter, Carleigh. She desperately wanted to go down our backyard well that Gary is reconstructing so one day he let her climb down the ladder into three feet of very cold water. We gave her an old speaker that had a large magnet on the back of it which she plunged into the...

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Challenged Living

Jul 31

Hi there! So is your life filled with many challenges these days? Apparently the White House staff in Washington has lots to contend with under Donald Trump’s presidency. The numerous forest fires in British Columbia are rather scary and challenging for tired firemen. We keep tabs on our daughter Rebekah and her family to make sure they are O.K. living in...

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Big News

Jun 29

     Happy Canada 150 Day Everyone! “Sara and I want to start a church plant!” declared Pastor Aaron Bouchard. Aaron was our youth pastor at First Baptist in Timmins a couple of years ago when Gary was the interim pastor. Their Bible school friends, Scott and Candice Lockhart had moved to town soon after and now were expressing the same desire. This past year Gary...

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Determined Living

May 31

Greetings from our Home to Yours! Not too long ago I was working in my kitchen when I heard some banging outside. I wondered what Gary was up to. I headed out front to get our mail and then returned by the side of the house to find Gary. Looking at me was a nervy racoon hanging onto the inside edge of our large garbage bin as he was trying to retrieve the garbage...

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