Our Inheritance

Apr 30

Hi there! Have you figured out what makes you the person you are because of what you have inherited from your parents?  Due to Gary’s recent quadruple bypass surgery, we know that his propensity to heart disease comes from his father who had his first heart attack in his 50s.  He died at age 79 because he didn’t have the opportunity for surgery that is now...

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Easy Life & Then Not So Easy

Apr 03

Hello from Churchville in the springtime! Staples is known for its Easy Button advertising.  Our society has come to love the easy life. It’s always easier to perform a particular activity when someone else comes along side of you to teach you how first of all; such as developing and improving computer skills.  I am somewhat of a technically challenged...

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62 “One Anothers”

Feb 28

Hello from snowy Churchville! One Sunday when travelling home from church Gary and I stopped for a stoplight and were approached by a man who was begging for money as happens periodically.  We had previously discussed what our response would be to such a person. We didn’t want to give out money which we sadly presumed would be spent on alcohol. I am continuing...

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It’s Finished!

Feb 01

Hello from shivery Churchville! Aren’t you happy with yourself when you have finally finished a project you have been working on for quite a while?  Gary and I have been co-authoring a book for over a year.  All the writing is done with a little more formatting needed. Then we can send it off to be printed.  Our dear friend, Dr. Warwick Cooper, from...

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Thinking about the Word “New”

Dec 30

Happy New Year Everyone! Do you have any idea what the word “kainos” (pronounced “ki” as in kind and “nos” as in nostalgia) means?  It is the Greek word for “new.”  Gary and I own a business called Kainos Enterprises primarily for the sale of our various books plus any church consulting work.  We also have a charity called Kainos International...

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Plogging Anyone?

Nov 30

Hi All! Do you happen to be a plogger?  You’ve never heard of it before?  Neither had Gary and me.  One day out walking and picking up garbage in Churchville which has become a somewhat regular pattern for us, we met up with two ladies jogging with their dogs.  Gary remarked to them that they pick up after their dogs and we pick up after humans.  One of the ladies...

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Shaken Up!

Nov 01

So how’s it going? I said last month we wouldn’t be having an inside pet.  Charlie, our temporary, 19-pound Persian has come to visit.  He belongs to our pastor, Aaron Bouchard and his family.  They are staying with Sara’s parents in Brampton until they can find another rental property in Milton (a matter of prayer!). As soon as Charlie bounced out of his cage the...

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