Forced to Change

Aug 30

Happy Labour Day Weekend! Three-year old Joey came to church for the second time with his mother and grandfather one Sunday at our new church plant in Milton. He sat across the restaurant table at Kelseys from me and a couple of other pre-schoolers. We have had to learn to be creative in dealing with children in our services as there is no other place for them. I...

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Travelling a Long Way

Jul 31

Travelling a Long Way I can’t believe what has been happening with my English Ivy. I planted it about ten years ago at the back corner of our Churchville home. It has travelled along the back wall of the house as well as along the driveway side and is almost turning the corner at the front of the house. One plant! It must love our soil. That may be one way to forgo...

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Do You Really Know What You Are Saying?

Jul 01

Happy Canada Weekend Everyone! “He stayed around until the last dog was hung!” I commented to our daughter Sara about a recent newcomer to our Milton church. Sara, laughingly exclaimed, “What are you saying?” She had never heard about dogs being hung. I will let you “Google” that idiom since I am writing this blog in our car. I’ve found the older we get the more...

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Do You Really Know Who You Are?

May 31

Hi there: Apprently a current trend is to look up one’s ancestral roots. We gave into the advertising and so for a combo Valentine’s/birthday gift Gary purchased a DNA kit for me. After a couple of months when a small but significant amount of my spit had travelled to Ireland where it was analyzed the results came back. Gary retorted, “I told you you...

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Standing Out

Apr 28

Hi Y’All! Do you know much about heather? I don’t mean the female name but the low-lying shrub that is iconic to Scotland. I didn’t either until I bought 3 plants a couple of years ago. During the past two months they have been blooming wonderfully with a lovely, petite, pink flower in our front garden. What a stand out in an otherwise brown, icy/snowy background. I...

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Changing Homes

Mar 31

Resurrection Greetings! So do you like moving? I’m sure you find it very stressful and tiring as I do with so many decisions that must be made by a certain deadline. We finished our downstairs bathroom and not to brag, but it does look rather spiffy. We listed our home this past week to sell. If you are interested in seeing the bathroom plus the work we have...

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Passion, Perfection, Power

Feb 28

Hi again! Passion, perfection and power are some strong positive words to use regarding our Canadian Olympic athletes. Their extreme passion drives them towards perfection which produces powerful results. Wow, 29 medals! Aren’t you proud of them once more? These words, however, do not describe the killer of 17 lives in Florida recently; except for the passion...

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